Everything is possible

Keep letting her grow…

Unless she understands,

The definition or significance.

She needs time for perceiving the perception!

Nevertheless she’s gonna succeed!

Conquering all over spoiling earth

She will accomplish…

Her truth is the benefit,

Don’t teach her to lie.

She will realize

When she will know how to admire…

The wisdom of life,

Will assist her, pertaining 

Her existence!

She can do and she will!

Despite all challenges…

She will fight if it is for truth

She will learn to lie,

If it is for combating and conceiving.

Otherwise, she will remain

As she is,

Maturity isn’t a distant dream?

Time leaves everything impatient

So that man could achieve…

And humans are nonetheless,

Intellectual individuals…

There isn’t any word missing in their dictionaries!

By Navaparna Gautam

A beginner stepping into a new platform, thrilled with excitement! Hope this community welcomes this curious newbie!! Starting my journey, undertaking every challenge and a firm desire to complete all what I wish to accomplish, decision already taken, only need to begin and here I am, with dreams and hopes...

28 replies on “Everything is possible”

not because I know you well so thus i m appreciating the poem, but even if an unknown reads the poem then he will find another reason to dream, to live and continue expecting things to happen in real that they always dreamt of. this poem will touch every readers soul with a smooth knife of accomplishment … well done girl!!

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Tysm dear, for being so supportive in my carrer, the only member in our family, whom I can trust, share everything… and so u are, an ideal for me… Along with that sisterhood, I m so blessed to have u as a good frnd..

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