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What Do You See #1

Hello readers…. This is a response to ‘What Do You See’ for Week 46 hosted by Sadje from Keep it alive. Here is the prompt for this week and following are few lines from creativity! Comments are appreciated!!

The shadowed dunes!

Pass the trail
quite undisturbed
miles and miles
it cover…
a never ending
journey, yet not bushed!
Sands and sandy dunes…
leaping one over the other
short dunes shadowed…
A wide sandy ocean,
heaps of sandy snow
unevenly roofed over
dumpy sandy hills
Gusty wind tosses…
and after sometime
nature cools down,
tumbling absolute quietness
terminates thoroughly
across the vast desert
adhering tranquilly and there….
two footsteps
correspondingly following
each other,
tracing throughout the desert
in a peculiar way
that it forms a pattern
under heavy sun rays
and the man identifies zilch
in his solitary desert trip
Couldn’t  discover an oasis,
untiringly wandering through
the shadowed dunes…


I hope this poem is adorable… Thank you Sadje for the challenge!
Thank you for reading…