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“Poetry and Her”

Poetry in her
inspirits her soul
her indelible blemishes
all over her body
tantalizes every poet
to create poetry
her intuitive mind
entangles every poet
luring in her mystery tale
soliciting cryptic desires
manifesting out from her
as she’s the embodiment
of beauty and divinity
love and sovereignty
‘poetry’ and ‘her’
creates sophisticated art
that is admired by every individual
and so do I worship her, the divine

~an impromptu poem for #NaPoWriMon day 4

Prompt Day 4: Here’s our optional prompt! Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem . . . in the form of a poetry prompt. If that sounds silly, well, maybe it is! But it’s not without precedent. The poet Mathias Svalina has been writing surrealist prompt-poems for quite a while, posting them to Instagram. You can find examples here, and here, and here.

Here’s my take on poetry, igniting the very spiritual spirit of a poet by kicking off the ’22 season with this one. Have a great day!