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“For love, with love~”

For love,
I’m not strong I suppose.
But when, you come around
I feel our energies coalesce
and two frail bodies
merge into one living entity.
I have said a hundred times
and I’ll for another hundred times.
For I have always wanted
to keep you by my side,
everyday, to spend every moment
making love for each other.
If I were to describe how I felt
being in love,
I would sing this song to you.
I have loved you since we were 18
Long before we both thought the same thing
To be loved and to be in love
All I can do is say that these arms
Are made for holding you, oh-oh
I wanna love like you made me feel
When we were 18

If we grow old together,
Our song would be young forever.
“Every inch of your footsteps
covering half of mine.
The warmth in your arms,
tight cosy hugs time to time.
If the air you’re breathing
can be felt simply lying over your shoulder,
our backs pressed against eachother
while resting my head beside yours,
our fingers touching as we stare at the sky
as the silence witnesses our very moment
that turns out to be a love language…
What can love do, would be
undeniably enchanting!
Much like the fairy tales, hope so.
But whatever you do,
snuggly cuddles and
that little kiss in my forehead
is all heaven on earth.”
You say, I can’t understand.
I suppose I can’t show my love
Oh but what if your eyes are blind? lol
All I ever wanted to do (well there are lots of
things, some mentioned here)
While the “some” includes
watching the moon from rooftop
beguiled by the freezing breeze at night.
Talk about paradoxical philosophies
or bizarre topics and never getting tired of
writing long love letters praising about us,
never abandoning to mention the things we like.
Slow walk in an amusing way, down in a hill
spotting ordinary articles, playing songs from
our playlist, giggling at jokes for the whole day!
Ain’t getting over the favorite moment none of us spoke
but my hands were freezing so you put them in your pockets
and warm them up without saying a word.
Finding an exquisite café while we had a city tour.
Sharing one coffee with two straws during twilight,
choosing pastry flavor, red velvet or choco fudge?
Long drives beside the river road, would you like to know
why did it happened so?
If I were to describe how I felt being in love,
(or wanting to feel in love)
I would sing this poem to you.
With love~

(dedicated to no one though)

~an impromptu poem for #NaPoWriMo day 10

A part of lyrics is used in the poem from “18” by One Direction

Prompt Day 10: Today’s prompt is pretty simple – a love poem!

What love can do is sure to be Wild and Fun<3 Enjoy and find a company, an interesting muse (muse for writers and poets ;)) who can actually make you feel alive on this dull world, fight for you, respect you, encourage you, celebrate success and failure together with you, and by whatever means make sure they doesn’t give up or dare to lose you without a doubt and choose you over and over and over again (without being toxic)!

You are the bane of my existence–and the object of all of my desires. Night and day I dream of you.” (a dialogue from Bridgerton 2)
– if your lover doesn’t say this, hush! Quit, they don’t deserve you. lol

This poem went on a little too long explaining moments that the poet wishes to encounter, how would it feel being fallen in love something that sort of hopefully.
Pretty messy I guess and well I was expecting better but will do next time for sure:)