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“Healing yet Hurting”

Five answers to the same question (as the prompt suggests) in the form of poem (I’ve chosen haiku for the same).

I’m sure it won’t hurt
You’re poised to reap what’ve sowed.
Acknowledge perhaps.

Ask yourself questions
If this is what you’ve asked for?
Or did you deserved.

Mourning in silence
Only to stifle the pain?
Sure not wise enough.

Dawning of changes
Hiding or running away?
Call it to quit hereafter.

You’re not alone
Nothingness can’t hide itself
The void will pass anon.

~an impromptu poem (in haiku form) for #NaPoWriMo day 18

Prompt Day 18: Today’s prompt is based on Faisal Mohyuddin’s poem “Five Answers to the Same Question.” Today, I’d like to challenge you to write your own poem that provides five answers to the same question – without ever specifically identifying the question that is being answered.

I’m so proud how it turned out into really one of my favourite piece now! Clearly it says it all… Hiding, escaping, isolating, running away, grieving, acknowledging, facing consequences, suffering, hurting and also healing. These are some of the things we all commit to in the course of life yet some of these emotions and actions get attached and do not try to leave easily and it is painful yes, but overcoming these might feel like dashing into freedom. We always want joy and smiles everywhere but some smiles are just unwell pretense to some tragic situations one might have faced and are undeniably the crestfallen part of life. Still, life goes and on and on and we need to go on and on.

Damnn this is a moment of fulfilment. Hope you like it as well!