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“What if I was a shadow?”

What if I said I was merely a shadow?
Shh, quietly sleeping under your pillow!
And diffusing into what you’re dreaming.
Following you while you’d be sneaking.
I’m your secret pal & whoa you can’t hide from me, bingo!

~an impromptu poem (limerick) for #NaPoWriMo day 19

Prompt Day 19: Today’s challenge is to write a poem that starts with a command. It could be as uncomplicated as “Look,” as plaintive as “Come back,” or as silly as “Don’t you even think about putting that hot sauce in your hair.” Whatever command you choose, I hope you have fun ordering your readers around.

I wrote a limerick today in great delight! My limerick doesn’t follow the syllable pattern rather focused on the rhyme scheme. Hope you like it<3