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One of the
celestial illuminous
organ that emits its own
light and is considered Earth’s
only natural satellite, is our beloved moon.
It’s glittery reflection on lofty waves of ocean
creates a sublime effect under the dark night sky,
something is bewitching with the orb of night, pleasing
panorama, emerging from horizon, sometime after the twilight,
shimmering moonlight falling into Earth’s crust, a delightful
exhilarating vantage point, that if anyone passes through the coastline,
it it obvious to easily get lured to gaze into that beautiful sight.

~an impromptu poem for #NaPoWriMo day 28

Prompt Day 28: Today’s prompt is to write a concrete poem. Like acrostic poems, concrete poems are a favorite for grade-school writing assignments, so this may not be your first time at the concrete-poem rodeo. In brief, a concrete poem is one in which the lines are shaped in a way that mimics the topic of the poem. For example, May Swenson’s poem “Women” mimics curves, reinforcing the poem’s references to motion, rocking horses, and even the shape of a woman’s body. George Starbuck’s “Sonnet in the Shape of a Potted Christmas Tree” is – you guessed it – a sonnet in the shape of a potted Christmas tree. Your concrete poem could be complexly-shaped, but relatively simple strategies can also be “concrete” —  like a poem involving a staircase where the length of the lines grows or shrinks over time, like an ascending (or descending) set of stairs.

Mångata is a sweet word from Swedish language which means reflection of moon light on water. Defined by the Glosbe Swedish-English dictionary as ‘the roadlike reflection of moonlight on water‘, this word refers to the long, glimmering reflection of the moon on a (usually large) body of water, which resembles a shining street or road.

Thus, using this beautiful term my concrete form of poetry has been done. Just like the reflection on waves of water creates a ravishing scene, whether in ocean or pond or any other water bodies, I used the description to create my poem and it was quite fun! Just a minor inconvenience due to the alignment of texts, but it is somewhat like the waves of ocean I suppose. Do let me know your thoughts on this.