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Hello folks! I hail from India and currently enrolled in high school, soon to get into a college though. Well I am very passionate about lot of things and as a teenager I love learning, writing, travelling, crafting, gardening and have a peculiar interest in photography. Also I love reading but it seems my interest is steady but lacking in patience is a concern now Lol. As a senior in higher secondary school student I hardly get time to involve myself in hobbies and doing little things which makes me feel motivated and happy, although I do make some fun time from the busy schedule, enjoying, exploring and expressing within my personal space. And I’m very fond of aesthetic stuffs, may it be arranging the pinterest boards or my camera clicks… anything where beauty flows naturally spreading joy with a tint of delicacy, mystery, art and knowledge. Hunger for knowledge always had me pondering over infinite ‘hows’ and ‘whys’… I like being social, around people and societies that welcome aspiring youths and encourage them to learn and grow through experiences with fun and joy and I’m very delighted to become a part in such groups and teams and really got to learn lot from them, from communicating with people to solving tasks together and involving myself among people whether in work or recreation, things get easier and enjoyable I believe yet we need to take care of ourselves in that journey for sure. “I would like to encourage my fellow teens to love and live the way they had been dreaming rather than caring about criticisms and find a way to make a little step towards progress everyday! That’s how we need to get things done for gratification. For ourselves<3” I find my comfort in writing and expressing my thoughts via writing and it has supported me all the time in solitude, best company it is!

I also have a keen interest in studying astrology, numerology, philosophy especially ideas related to metaphysics, psychology, and journalism.

“Navaparna”, as my name suggests, meaning: ‘new born leaf‘; I’m an ardent lover of nature<3 Protect mother earth and help our environment to keep it clean and green!

I believe, ‘learning‘ is the best experience during the battle of this adventurous ‘life’. It promotes growth and thus leads to change in unconventional ways (weird way of clarification for the site title lol). We often commit mistakes but then we learn the right way round and that’s okay, we might seek help sometimes and sometimes we realise it by ourselves which is very important: “to actually acknowledge your mistake”, that’s when we grow isn’t? That’s exactly what we are taught, just a reminder 😉 Hence learning and healing is an unstoppable and very much inextricable form of growth! Keep growing lovelies<3 Much love for my amiable readers<3


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