When the mist occured,
The snow departured…
Morning became night,
Nothing came in that sight.
Cloudbursts began to be high,
In that cold stormy night…

Sun appeared in the early morning…
Though the cold can’t be resisted
Outside lay the dew drops,
on tiny petals and sepals
are glistened by the sunshine
These are enjoyed in the wintry days,
the joy behind this, is the sun always!


Everything is possible

Keep letting her grow…

Unless she understands,

The definition or significance.

She needs time for perceiving the perception!

Nevertheless she’s gonna succeed!

Conquering all over spoiling earth

She will accomplish…

Her truth is the benefit,

Don’t teach her to lie.

She will realize

When she will know how to admire…

The wisdom of life,

Will assist her, pertaining 

Her existence!

She can do and she will!

Despite all challenges…

She will fight if it is for truth

She will learn to lie,

If it is for combating and conceiving.

Otherwise, she will remain

As she is,

Maturity isn’t a distant dream?

Time leaves everything impatient

So that man could achieve…

And humans are nonetheless,

Intellectual individuals…

There isn’t any word missing in their dictionaries!