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Writing Prompt #1

Sepia love and Red-hot Hate! Let not my love hate grief…Desire to crave hungry soul,Oh, damn… fed with anger!Thirst that belongs to king of hellLove never ceases attention of eternity Cruel aid exploiting proprietyDisgust of evil angel !!!!Demanding to possess malevolent sensuality to seduce someone till extremes…Oh Superior, just help me relief of the pain […]

Twenty Words Tuesday #1

Hello readers… This is a blessed week for our Indians, specially for North eastern people! Why you know? We are celebrating birthday of our Supreme God, the divine Lord (Shri) Krishna and it is widely known as, Janmastami (Lord Krishna’s Birthday). Hence, wish you happy Janmastami, may Lord Krishna shower all his blessings on you… […]

What Do You See #1

Hello readers…. This is a response to ‘What Do You See’ for Week 46 hosted by Sadje from Keep it alive. Here is the prompt for this week and following are few lines from creativity! Comments are appreciated!! The shadowed dunes! Pass the trailquite undisturbedmiles and milesit cover…a never endingjourney, yet not bushed!Sands and sandy […]

Honey I need You…

–A romantic poem– To  my dear sweetheart,with lots of love… I want you near me So that every moment I can share, My thoughts and my feelings Every moment will be special, Just spare some time from your routine… I am fantasizing that night, Where, I shall be close to you… Sleeping between your arms […]

Paint Your Words #1

Hello buddies! Again, I am here with a challenge accepted! #Paintyourwords hosted by Kamya I have glittered her ‘painting’ with my words, describing aesthetic thoughts from my experience… -An unique piece decorating art- Reignite Imagination Idea!Wait…A thought is processing in my mindand yup! I got it! Eureka!But how hard it is to express…Well, let me […]

Six Word Story #1

Hello people!! This my first attempt of Six Word Story in response to ‘The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt‘ by Shweta of ‘My Random Rumblings‘. The Prompt for Week #54, i.e. for the current week is – Success Hey Shweta, Thank you for the challenge! And as for me, I am accepting this for the 1st time and also […]

Ornate her with Ornaments

Ornaments are,A significant part of lifewhich mostly deals with the women folkA special ingredient for a happy soul!An indispensable fragment of beauty and ecstasy…it thus makes a lady,contentedly comprehensive!A blonde or a brunette, it is utilized by both…every single portion define a worthy assessment.Ornaments fabricate a woman in countless exquisite designs,from exceptionally embellishing the simplicity of her […]

‘Learn to compromise’

Well, this topic has a broader explanation and perhaps I have explained ¼ of it. Though give it a read. I have shared a brief account of the happenings from my life, an analytical description. And I believe, almost all human beings have to compromise in one or the other way, have to compromise once […]


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