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“Parallel Universe”

I want to be armoured
around those cozy arms.
To feel the warmth and
a chance to be in love
again. Touch and feel,
desire to belong
someone’s someone,
feeling is back again.
Long time, hues of
numbness heard
lots of sorrows lamenting.
Guard the pillars of
my weakness and shield
them with thy strength.
A fraction of fiction
gives birth to ample
of hope. It seems
I can’t cope. Defy me
with faithless insight of
love and I won’t die again,
not at least in parallel universe.

~an impromptu poem for #NaPoWriMo day 23

Prompt Day 23: Today I’d like to challenge you to write a poem in the style of Kay Ryan, whose poems tend to be short and snappy – with a lot of rhyme and soundplay. They also have a deceptive simplicity about them, like proverbs or aphorisms. Once you’ve read a few, you’ll see what I mean. Here’s her “Token Loss,” “Blue China Doorknob,” “Houdini,” and “Crustacean Island.”

Love Parallel Universe things. Unreal, hunger of hope fulfilment, achievement for longing dreams and wishes, uncovering unjust opinions or actions, where unrealistic expectations come true, discovering new paths to enhance better and deserving life, occurrence of fortuitous things undefined by time and actions, just everything happening just the way we wish no matter how much wrong or unlawful it seems. So according to what one thinks can happen easily? The hypothetical self-contained plane of existence is living in our unconscious mind perhaps and if we ever find the existence of multiverse, then all are answers would be accessible retrieving a way to our unconscious mind. Well that’s just what I think. lol! Nevermind. Hope you enjoyed today’s prompt based poem! Love you all… Feel free to comment down there…

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“For love, with love~”

For love,
I’m not strong I suppose.
But when, you come around
I feel our energies coalesce
and two frail bodies
merge into one living entity.
I have said a hundred times
and I’ll for another hundred times.
For I have always wanted
to keep you by my side,
everyday, to spend every moment
making love for each other.
If I were to describe how I felt
being in love,
I would sing this song to you.
I have loved you since we were 18
Long before we both thought the same thing
To be loved and to be in love
All I can do is say that these arms
Are made for holding you, oh-oh
I wanna love like you made me feel
When we were 18

If we grow old together,
Our song would be young forever.
“Every inch of your footsteps
covering half of mine.
The warmth in your arms,
tight cosy hugs time to time.
If the air you’re breathing
can be felt simply lying over your shoulder,
our backs pressed against eachother
while resting my head beside yours,
our fingers touching as we stare at the sky
as the silence witnesses our very moment
that turns out to be a love language…
What can love do, would be
undeniably enchanting!
Much like the fairy tales, hope so.
But whatever you do,
snuggly cuddles and
that little kiss in my forehead
is all heaven on earth.”
You say, I can’t understand.
I suppose I can’t show my love
Oh but what if your eyes are blind? lol
All I ever wanted to do (well there are lots of
things, some mentioned here)
While the “some” includes
watching the moon from rooftop
beguiled by the freezing breeze at night.
Talk about paradoxical philosophies
or bizarre topics and never getting tired of
writing long love letters praising about us,
never abandoning to mention the things we like.
Slow walk in an amusing way, down in a hill
spotting ordinary articles, playing songs from
our playlist, giggling at jokes for the whole day!
Ain’t getting over the favorite moment none of us spoke
but my hands were freezing so you put them in your pockets
and warm them up without saying a word.
Finding an exquisite café while we had a city tour.
Sharing one coffee with two straws during twilight,
choosing pastry flavor, red velvet or choco fudge?
Long drives beside the river road, would you like to know
why did it happened so?
If I were to describe how I felt being in love,
(or wanting to feel in love)
I would sing this poem to you.
With love~

(dedicated to no one though)

~an impromptu poem for #NaPoWriMo day 10

A part of lyrics is used in the poem from “18” by One Direction

Prompt Day 10: Today’s prompt is pretty simple – a love poem!

What love can do is sure to be Wild and Fun<3 Enjoy and find a company, an interesting muse (muse for writers and poets ;)) who can actually make you feel alive on this dull world, fight for you, respect you, encourage you, celebrate success and failure together with you, and by whatever means make sure they doesn’t give up or dare to lose you without a doubt and choose you over and over and over again (without being toxic)!

You are the bane of my existence–and the object of all of my desires. Night and day I dream of you.” (a dialogue from Bridgerton 2)
– if your lover doesn’t say this, hush! Quit, they don’t deserve you. lol

This poem went on a little too long explaining moments that the poet wishes to encounter, how would it feel being fallen in love something that sort of hopefully.
Pretty messy I guess and well I was expecting better but will do next time for sure:)

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Writing Prompt #1

Sepia love and Red-hot Hate!

Let not my love hate grief…
Desire to crave hungry soul,
Oh, damn… fed with anger!
Thirst that belongs to king of hell
Love never ceases attention of eternity
Cruel aid exploiting propriety
Disgust of evil angel !!!!
Demanding to possess
malevolent sensuality
to seduce someone till extremes…
Oh Superior, just help me relief
of the pain that cause me sick
which forces to savour every desire
that unexpectedly come my way…
Persuades, swirls and compel me
to tangle in my own words…
Save me from this danger!
A love or a desire that constrains
immeasurable tempting provocativeness
tantalizing insecure mind to take a ride
or enjoy ephemeral excitement for a minute…
An intense love or hatred that indulges me
to entertain in dark mesmerizing emotions
that entices frozen bodies to lit up the fire of anguish
Why, to detest? What is it, A sepia love or red-hot hate?


Even if the World gets Destroyed, or even ends,
Love never does, shall never end…


This poem peruses a life earned by a devil. A devil that transforms into a perfect Human being, leaving existence from hell and came up to Earth as a handsome man so as to experience Love and Lust. He constantly hears people say, it is difficult to leave their loved ones and that almost pierces his heart and compels him to experience ‘what it is to love and hate?’ on Earth! He came on Earth and this poem briefly explains what is the consequence when he loved and got amused by sensuality having heavy and intense intercourse disclosing intimacy and quite naturally he reveals that it is inevitable and he got addicted to it. Later he realises and his desperate thirsty soul senses this to be sinful, he feels guilty! And hence, he claims it to be cruelty, asks superior (God) for help and tries to return back to his original state crying to the loudest pitch (The words he said is expressed in the poem) And then, he was confounded with these expressions- ‘Sepia love and red-hot hate!’ That neutralizes his powers in Earth and brings a contrasting taste in his new- found life!

“A demon from hell, urges to love and his spirits got raised while people provoked his sexual senses to flow, leaving behind everything, which also compelled him to forget about his duties on ‘hell’…”

I want to thank Mona Ma’am for the prompt she had given, and here it is!
It is indeed, my masterpiece!!! Go and check out this
You shall try it once, I felt quite tasty…
Thank you for reading. Happy Sunday!!

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Honey I need You…

-A poem dedicated to some romantic tale-

Credit- Me!!!!!

To  my dear sweetheart,
with lots of love…

I want you near me

So that every moment I can share,

My thoughts and my feelings

Every moment will be special,

Just spare some time from your routine…

I am fantasizing that night,

Where, I shall be close to you…

Sleeping between your arms

And some little cuddles…

I will be waiting for you.

Your presence shall warm up my night!

And a perfect candle light dinner…


A silent night will allow us to be together,

Our words shall meet our lips.

Two cocktail glasses for brandy…

And a contextual music playing…


How about a sentimental ballad?

A slow couple dance…

Music on, “perfect”

In a romantic mood ,

Your hands against my waist

Holding me tight!


Sounds amazing…

Wish, that nightfall is coming soon

Awaiting, dreaming to meet you, darling

And, I am sorry if I have hurt you someday…

Trust me,

My love will never die even if you leave me

My passionate heart needs you honey…

An idle hope of love and desires desperately waiting for you.

This poem is a special one from my favourites! I have delivered this poem to the Poetry Fest, you can find it here.  Simple yet delicately woven using sugary, quixotic words (not exactly quixotic!), screening a girl/woman/lady intensely trying to hold her beloved one by her seducing lyrics, embracing her faith yet exasperated in need of a soul-mate… Basic thought is, ‘dreaming to get a partner’ so as to taste romance in life! “An idle hope of love and desires waiting desperately…” Captioning the picture, I have pasted a romantic photo from my favorite collection and a few, to make my poem more special!
I hope this poem could draw a real picture, rendering what I meant to express my thoughts…. Do visit the poetry contest site!!
Love you all….💕


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Ornate her with Ornaments

Ornaments are,
A significant part of life
which mostly deals with the women folk
A special ingredient for a happy soul!
An indispensable fragment of beauty and ecstasy…
it thus makes a lady,
contentedly comprehensive!
A blonde or a brunette, it is utilized by both…
every single portion define a worthy assessment.
Ornaments fabricate a woman
 in countless exquisite designs,
from exceptionally embellishing
 the simplicity of her appearance,
until transpiring into tempting intricate charm!
exposing the unique qualities of her charisma…   
Elaborating her fussy style….
Gorgeous attire, lavish cosmetics…
with Bright Red lipstick,
which makes her smile,
almost immensely expensive
Dazzling eye-makeup
glitters velvety eyelashes,
 sparkles on her desperate eyes
as if she desires to be paired all the night
Magnificent looks via enigmatic expressions,
 a delicate charm from her appealing face…
A lady with undeniably alluring appearance
is indeed tempting for every gentleman;
He makes her act seductively lost with her consort
overly attractive, mild aroma emanating from her body
creates an irresistible impulse
And resonances from her jewellery,
makes it impossible to resist his intense compulsion
of touching her and triumphing his desires!
Enthralling attractiveness,
 persuades every single woman…
Prompts to a dress in a perfect outfit
whether a traditional or modern
jwelleries are garnishing elements

featuring a perfect lady
and brings dynamism to work independently
therefore, ornate her with ornaments
and value her new intricacy…