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GoodBye 2020 Welcome 2021!

As the year is about to end and the arrival of a fresh start… It is quite wonderful to think how this crazy year is going to get over and we humans of 21st century are surviving in the toughest way possible! And we are starting a new year, with lots of hopes and possibilities yet wondering what will happen in 2021? It it going to be a good year or unbearable like 2020? But let us wish for the best! Cheers!✨🥂💫🥳

Besides all other despairing incidents that happened this year, we can commemorate what good happened and yeah let us be grateful of ourselves!

2020 was worth memorable!

Here’s all what I want to share, have made this year inspiring!
I have watched many movies, series and read books, also lot of songs healed me and I could discover my new favourites! So, I’ll be listing all of them in a very peculiar way…. According to me the best movie I chose and all other categories must deserve “The Best” award!

Best Hollywood Series according to me: Euphoria, Lucifer and Stranger Things.
Best Bollywood Series: Scam 1992, A Suitable Boy.
The Best Hollywood movie: Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
Best Bollywood movie: Bulbbul
Top 10 movies of the year: 365 dni, Ludo, The Skin I Live In(Spanish Film), Raat Akeli Hai, Kissing Booth(1 and 2), Sightless, Original Sin(2001), Enola Holmes, The Disguise(Short Film), Eerie.

Best Book: The God of Small things by Arundhati Roy. Well, there are a few more remarkable books and are worth reading!

Songs I have discovered: Boss Bitch by Doja Cat, I see Red, Turn Back Time by Danniel Schulz, 2002, Lost by Noak Hellsing, Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindemann, Little Do you know by Alex and Sierra, I Believe You by Fletcher, Songs from Euphoria, Hardum Humdum from Ludo and there are lots ofc, so etc etc….

Discovered so many Incredible artistes/personalities: Sannidhya Bhuyan and Shankuraj Konwar; Jacob Elordi and Tom Ellis; Alexander Koch, Danish Razvi, Tanya Maniklata; Angelina Jolie, Margot Robbie, Taylor Zakhar Perez and so on…..

And yeah met a lot of new and amazing people! Also, I could learn some new terms such as “Cutting Chai” etc.  Acquired knowledge in numerous subjects and could also gain honours, thus highly grateful for the support!
Cherished bittersweet memories of the year!!❤️
And yes, we all made history! Yay! Hurrah!!

I’m grateful yet happy enough to Successfully conclude all shits of this year and start afresh very soon! Happy New Year! Cheers!💞🌟💕

Now, its Your turn! Just a few questions to make your 2020 worth memorable, reminding yet hope you gonna enjoy sharing your memories, while the finest times you had spent watching or reading or listening or admiring to your favourites! Here you go with the questions…

1) Best Hollywood series and Movie according to you should get your ‘THE BEST’ award:
2) Same goes for Bollywood Series and Movie:
3) Your Top 5 Favourite or may be the best Movies for the year 2020:
4) The best book/s you have had read and it turned out to be your Favourite! If you wish, you can name the Author/s:
5) Damn! What about this???? >>> Song/s:  
6) [If you have discovered any new favourites and If you want to mention about the following category….]
*any other interest:

P.S- You can answer my questions in the comment box below! I’m excited for your response!! Do reply as much you can, I’ll be glad to read them and will also be my new suggestions maybe 🙂

Anything you wanna tell me before 2021 begins? Share your message!
Happy New Year! Celebrate, enjoy, watch shows in Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime etc. Eat and sleep! And of course, keep writing… Work hard and be determined to accomplish happiness and success in life! Kudos! 🥂