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Movie Review- Enola Homes (2020)

Hello people!! Alright, am extremely sorry… From the past few days I wasn’t active here in WordPress, it wasn’t a break actually, My family was tested Covid positive and I had to lend some time for them until they recover fully. Now, they are improving their health and I am able to return back… So yea, couldn’t participate in prompt writings since last two weeks! And literally, I am very busy nowadays, and my exam is going on so it is difficult to maintain blogs over here… Never-mind, I am back!

My movie Review

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown playing the role of Enola from ‘Enola Holmes’

Enola Holmes

My movie review is out there in audience review for ‘Enola Homes‘, you can go and check out there or read here! Hope you enjoy and of course I recommend you to watch this 2020 adventurous, mystery film on Netflix!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Finder of Lost Souls“, yes, ‘Enola’ a remarkable role played by the smart young movie star and title character of Enola Holmes, Millie Bobby Brown; has immensely bought the exuberant spirit of women to become WOMEN of the century! I have to mention,that was an startling performance by teen actress Millie! I like her attire as the Victorian lady, well she could deliberately portray it and that was marvelous!

Enola‘, a significant name given by her mother, is an extremely magnificent clue that leads to a fantastic mystery of finding her mother, and in that search; a runaway lord (Tewkesbury) played by Louis Partridge added more fun through the adventure. Her free-spirited confidence, intelligence and strong-will incorporated a perfect angle of influence by her mother by which she could discover manipulative powers over her fellow performers in the play. And ofcourse, this time audience could taste a different curiosity for a cryptic twist in the story, because of a prominent detective; Sherlock Holmes has been outsmarted by his sister, which is an amazing riddle that have driven thrills in the movie!

Within a small period of interaction with her brothers, which has displayed her (Enola) quick-wit, tricks and remarkable expressions of mischievousness, revealed her sharp mind the ability to become a clever detective, an insightful thinker of limitless time in future. Where do it end and how, it was moreover predictable; cause it is an accomplishable task although there has been showing a lot of mystery yet on emotional basis of the search! There goes a sudden launching of a teen boy; half the way from the story, Enola was helping a boy,Tewkesbury and that was little weird and absurd though it was a part of the exciting conundrum and it proved to show sufficient vitality in a humorous and dramatic way. I wish it could last for some more scenes…
It was rather unexpected, that Henry Cavill could perform so well as a detective, but he did it! The screenplay was good according to the performance along with the cinematography which was inevitably stunning due the amazing landscapes from England.

Enola was liable to all of the solved cases; mysteries and that was all because of her mother! It has showed Enola’s mother; Eudoria as a strong and bold matriarch of holme’s family who encouraged her daughter to become an independent woman like her. Eudoria; an eccentric yet a feminist role played by Helena Bonham Carter, she had skillful aptitude of a dignified woman and her contribution towards her daughter happened to be immensely large and also which was as coolly manifested in her role for a secret society consisting of a radical group of suffragettes where she raised voice to redefine woman society in England. She taught her daughter everything, jujitsu; a martial art (was of a great use later), chess, paintings, encouraged her to read every book in Ferndell Hall, in their home, and was a big fan of word games, and all that she could teach. In the last scene, a beautiful message was advised by her, I could catch that, ** “You have to make some noise if you want to be heard..” ** The story of a brave, talented, clever, free-spirited strong girl in order to became a woman is just wonderfully shown in Enola Holmes! Netflix has brought a Worth watching film this September! Netflix users should watch this awesome movie even if you could not find any romance….

Baker street‘ of London, is refreshed as it welcomes a new member in Holme’s Family!

Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes (the mother)
Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes, Millie as Enola, Sam Claflin as Mycroft Holmes
Featuring Millie and Louis Partridge (Tewkesbury)
Millie in the form of a gorgeous Victorian Lady
My favorite actress!

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‘Learn to compromise’

Well, this topic has a broader explanation and perhaps I have explained ¼ of it. Though give it a read. I have shared a brief account of the happenings from my life, an analytical description. And I believe, almost all human beings have to compromise in one or the other way, have to compromise once in life. And without compromising once, they must had to or have to embrace failure. And this is what I wrote is partially from my experiences after failure or lack of compromising attitude and hence in several ways I had to confront my failures in various ways. So I tried to express my feelings towards this phrase, Learn to compromise. Hope this article help…

Learning to compromise isn’t difficult if we develop ‘patience’ and successively ‘peace’ will dominate our mind and can control any challenging situation. When we learn to compromise, life becomes easy… Similar to one emotional saying, “It is better to put a fake smile, rather than explaining the reason why you were crying”. But that doesn’t mean, we should hold on our sorrows tightly within our self, crying to the deepest… Share your feelings, which will make you feel relief, you could barely tie some of them, remaining sensations will spontaneously flow, and roll down along with your tears. You can’t stop! And I say, no need to compromise holding your feelings inside you.

At first, ‘Learn to compromise’ includes; admitting your mistakes! The most important and commonly understood definition of the above phrase. And several times it has been proved that this definition is correct. Understanding a minute misunderstanding is visibly acceptable and refurbishing relations makes quite prodigious adjustment and it is highly appreciable. That proves that the person or the relation is more important than his or her ‘ego’! And this is highly useful in relationships, nowadays. The second point goes, understanding people’s mind when they try to convey any kind messages. This can be done precociously; by keenly taking a note of their words or actions, should catch out by observing their instincts. Try it in a meek way… Third way to acquire this, is to clear your negativity and bring positive vibes into your life which will surely make you feel remarkably better and successful also during your hard times. Negative thinking is unhealthy and it cause mental pressure, damaging your brain cells affecting in numerous ways (depends upon person-to-person, different needs for different people). Take deep breaths, smile when you are angry and start doing something you love to do(my advice is to better sleep, or forcefully try to sleep, use headphones for playing your favourite music, it will start dominating your anger and is quite beneficial as a healing therapy ), it keeps ‘positivity’ flowing through your veins and thus controls anger. It helps, and also improves your emotional level to affect strongly while dealing with mental stability. Hence, it builds up fresh energy or you can ‘dynamism’ to resume your daily activities. Try to minimize conflicts with people around you (includes each person you meet in a day). Fourthly, avoid Prejudice Judgements (also, by another name is preconception or assumptions!) while in matters related with friends, family and in terms of relationship too. Stabilise conflicts through understanding in a calm environment. If the other person doesn’t listen, or lose patience then the speaker should stay quiet. And let the other person realize, your silence! Or give them some time and space but don’t disturb them until they recover into normal state. The fifth, the last but not the least, it is not necessary that ‘sacrifice’ has to be equal to ‘compromise’. But at times, these two words combine and emerge to form a concrete concept known as ‘selfless struggle’. In a simple definition, ‘Learn to compromise’, means to give up something one wants, in order to reach an agreement (Google it in case you are not sure). Settling a dispute by mutual concession. A responsibility requited in a suitable manner, by understanding or by accepting all the jazz.

We just need to learn when to keep quiet and when to speak. Say ‘sorry’ when needed (realizing our mistake at first) and we shall learn to adjust with difficult situation, whatever life provides. Understand situations and try to discuss in a calm way, instead of complaining about each other, in terms of relationship but also include family discussion or conversation with any people. These are some of the possible ways we can learn to compromise.