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GoodBye 2020 Welcome 2021!

As the year is about to end and the arrival of a fresh start… It is quite wonderful to think how this crazy year is going to get over and we humans of 21st century are surviving in the toughest way possible! And we are starting a new year, with lots of hopes and possibilities yet wondering what will happen in 2021? It it going to be a good year or unbearable like 2020? But let us wish for the best! Cheers!✨🥂💫🥳

Besides all other despairing incidents that happened this year, we can commemorate what good happened and yeah let us be grateful of ourselves!

2020 was worth memorable!

Here’s all what I want to share, have made this year inspiring!
I have watched many movies, series and read books, also lot of songs healed me and I could discover my new favourites! So, I’ll be listing all of them in a very peculiar way…. According to me the best movie I chose and all other categories must deserve “The Best” award!

Best Hollywood Series according to me: Euphoria, Lucifer and Stranger Things.
Best Bollywood Series: Scam 1992, A Suitable Boy.
The Best Hollywood movie: Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
Best Bollywood movie: Bulbbul
Top 10 movies of the year: 365 dni, Ludo, The Skin I Live In(Spanish Film), Raat Akeli Hai, Kissing Booth(1 and 2), Sightless, Original Sin(2001), Enola Holmes, The Disguise(Short Film), Eerie.

Best Book: The God of Small things by Arundhati Roy. Well, there are a few more remarkable books and are worth reading!

Songs I have discovered: Boss Bitch by Doja Cat, I see Red, Turn Back Time by Danniel Schulz, 2002, Lost by Noak Hellsing, Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindemann, Little Do you know by Alex and Sierra, I Believe You by Fletcher, Songs from Euphoria, Hardum Humdum from Ludo and there are lots ofc, so etc etc….

Discovered so many Incredible artistes/personalities: Sannidhya Bhuyan and Shankuraj Konwar; Jacob Elordi and Tom Ellis; Alexander Koch, Danish Razvi, Tanya Maniklata; Angelina Jolie, Margot Robbie, Taylor Zakhar Perez and so on…..

And yeah met a lot of new and amazing people! Also, I could learn some new terms such as “Cutting Chai” etc.  Acquired knowledge in numerous subjects and could also gain honours, thus highly grateful for the support!
Cherished bittersweet memories of the year!!❤️
And yes, we all made history! Yay! Hurrah!!

I’m grateful yet happy enough to Successfully conclude all shits of this year and start afresh very soon! Happy New Year! Cheers!💞🌟💕

Now, its Your turn! Just a few questions to make your 2020 worth memorable, reminding yet hope you gonna enjoy sharing your memories, while the finest times you had spent watching or reading or listening or admiring to your favourites! Here you go with the questions…

1) Best Hollywood series and Movie according to you should get your ‘THE BEST’ award:
2) Same goes for Bollywood Series and Movie:
3) Your Top 5 Favourite or may be the best Movies for the year 2020:
4) The best book/s you have had read and it turned out to be your Favourite! If you wish, you can name the Author/s:
5) Damn! What about this???? >>> Song/s:  
6) [If you have discovered any new favourites and If you want to mention about the following category….]
*any other interest:

P.S- You can answer my questions in the comment box below! I’m excited for your response!! Do reply as much you can, I’ll be glad to read them and will also be my new suggestions maybe 🙂

Anything you wanna tell me before 2021 begins? Share your message!
Happy New Year! Celebrate, enjoy, watch shows in Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime etc. Eat and sleep! And of course, keep writing… Work hard and be determined to accomplish happiness and success in life! Kudos! 🥂

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Six Word Story #2

Hello!! Today am here with a challenge! I hope you like it…

This is my attempt on Six Word Story in response to ‘The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt‘  hosted by Shweta from  ‘My Random Rumblings‘.

The Prompt for Week #62 is Dinner

Here’s my take…

1. ‘Dinner‘ with loved ones are special!
2. Family ‘dinner‘ at home is BEST!
3. ‘Dinner‘ prepared by mom and me!
4. Who’s the Chef for today’s ‘dinner‘?

Thank you for reading….


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I feel so honoured plus happy to inform you that I have been nominated by my fellow blogger for THE BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD. First of all, Thank you Asra for nominating me! She possess the key of knowledge, hence I got a fantastic chance to meet this wonderful girl here…. Do check out her account-

The Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site.
  2. Do a post to show your award.
  3. Give a summary of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice for any new bloggers.
  5. Select at least 15 other bloggers for this award.
  6. Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them and give a link to your post.

Summary of how my blog started

I was interested in doing stuff like writing short essays, non-fictions, fictions as well, diary entries, poems and that too when I am in a different mood! For an instance, I felt pity for myself at times when I am upset or feeling gloomy throughout the day, so basically when I m shattered, I use to write in my diaries expressing what made me sad! Since then, I found that I can write pretty well in moments when I am emotional or depressed, and I started sharing this feeling through writing, and words could touch emotions, somewhat craving the impalpable yet irresistible affection for myself. And at the same time, people started to appreciate my work when it was published in different platforms and then I started Blogging!

Without the support of my friends maybe, I would have never reach out till here! They encouraged me and I didn’t give up! I tried my best and here I am, an influential, accomplished sophisticated woman! Well, miles to go to become successful! This journey never ends, and I am enjoying through this blogging adventure……

My advice for new bloggers

I was about to launch a new blog post, specially for new bloggers and for some solitary bloggers who are unable to show their talents because, its a scarcity of readers and followers, hence a few likes and almost making an empty train… I tried my best to encourage them, but I thought maybe my little blogging can help them grow better! And this is the wonderful time to have a blast, enjoying the happiest moments!!! That post is on processing, yet to complete!

Don’t you lose hope, dearie! Well, it needs some time in WordPress but when you are once exposed to a social media, people will come to know about you and you might not be the center of attention but don’t worry, express the best of you through your talent and Create an impact through your blogs!

Don’t hesitate to put a like and comment on your fellow blogger’s posts after reading their posts and of course good deeds are favourable for you cause you may get back in return, yes, Blessings indeed!

I have met so many bloggers here and also interacted through conversations so yeah I came to know lot more about their journey, and I found out a common cause of leaving WordPress and deleting accounts from here, and the CAUSE of doing these is- No Readers, No Followers!

This is my humble request to all the bloggers, Please encourage our fellow bloggers, we have so many young and amazing writers here, do check out their accounts and APPRECIATE, ENCOURAGE, READ THEIR POSTS, SHOW SOME LOVE!

My nominees

Cheers!!!! There are people from all over the world, senior-junior and perhaps my colleagues too, so yes… I congratulate all of them, for their amazing blogs and incredible writing skills, hence I appreciate their efforts in making WordPress a large community serving their views and ideologies! Enjoy and celebrate! And I hope, my fellow bloggers/readers will also appreciate their work, do visit these sites and have a wonderful time, reading masterpieces of these brilliant bloggers….

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Twenty Words Tuesday #2

Hello friends!!! I am back after a long time! Hope to become a regular blogger but couldn’t reach in time due to heavy work and busy schedule! This is a post in response to a weekly prompt writing challenge. Here’s my take of this week’s prompt, hosted by Akanksha from Bulbul’s Bubble!
This week prompt is Feelings!

Hurt or blithe, pathetically hard to distinguish but feelings are intelligible stimulation that can only be felt deep inside the heart…

Thank you for reading…. I hope you enjoyed!!

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Writing Prompt #1

Sepia love and Red-hot Hate!

Let not my love hate grief…
Desire to crave hungry soul,
Oh, damn… fed with anger!
Thirst that belongs to king of hell
Love never ceases attention of eternity
Cruel aid exploiting propriety
Disgust of evil angel !!!!
Demanding to possess
malevolent sensuality
to seduce someone till extremes…
Oh Superior, just help me relief
of the pain that cause me sick
which forces to savour every desire
that unexpectedly come my way…
Persuades, swirls and compel me
to tangle in my own words…
Save me from this danger!
A love or a desire that constrains
immeasurable tempting provocativeness
tantalizing insecure mind to take a ride
or enjoy ephemeral excitement for a minute…
An intense love or hatred that indulges me
to entertain in dark mesmerizing emotions
that entices frozen bodies to lit up the fire of anguish
Why, to detest? What is it, A sepia love or red-hot hate?


Even if the World gets Destroyed, or even ends,
Love never does, shall never end…


This poem peruses a life earned by a devil. A devil that transforms into a perfect Human being, leaving existence from hell and came up to Earth as a handsome man so as to experience Love and Lust. He constantly hears people say, it is difficult to leave their loved ones and that almost pierces his heart and compels him to experience ‘what it is to love and hate?’ on Earth! He came on Earth and this poem briefly explains what is the consequence when he loved and got amused by sensuality having heavy and intense intercourse disclosing intimacy and quite naturally he reveals that it is inevitable and he got addicted to it. Later he realises and his desperate thirsty soul senses this to be sinful, he feels guilty! And hence, he claims it to be cruelty, asks superior (God) for help and tries to return back to his original state crying to the loudest pitch (The words he said is expressed in the poem) And then, he was confounded with these expressions- ‘Sepia love and red-hot hate!’ That neutralizes his powers in Earth and brings a contrasting taste in his new- found life!

“A demon from hell, urges to love and his spirits got raised while people provoked his sexual senses to flow, leaving behind everything, which also compelled him to forget about his duties on ‘hell’…”

I want to thank Mona Ma’am for the prompt she had given, and here it is!
It is indeed, my masterpiece!!! Go and check out this
You shall try it once, I felt quite tasty…
Thank you for reading. Happy Sunday!!

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Twenty Words Tuesday #1

Hello readers… This is a blessed week for our Indians, specially for North eastern people! Why you know? We are celebrating birthday of our Supreme God, the divine Lord (Shri) Krishna and it is widely known as, Janmastami (Lord Krishna’s Birthday). Hence, wish you happy Janmastami, may Lord Krishna shower all his blessings on you… May all your prayers be answered and all your dreams come true…. Though, in India, Janmastami is officially celebrated on 11th August, but India has diverse cultures and antique stories that led to the creation of new customs which are strongly emphasized, henceforth, different regions follow their own tradition (folks narrate originality). However, we Hindus resolutely follow our religion and believe in spirituality…. May the divine rest upon every single soul, and his blessings meet our expectations….

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna with Radha (Best friend)
Shri Krishna along with Radha, and a mass of Gopis (devotees)

So, focusing on the challenge, first of all, thank you Akanksha….
This week prompt is Kaleidoscope from Twenty Words Tuesday hosted by Bulbul’s Bubble and here’s my take.

Different dimensions, Different views
to form patterns of yellow and blue…
Synthesizing mixtures of
colours and conviction,
yet contemplation hassles….


Thank you for reading…. I hope you enjoyed!!

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What Do You See #1

Hello readers…. This is a response to ‘What Do You See’ for Week 46 hosted by Sadje from Keep it alive. Here is the prompt for this week and following are few lines from creativity! Comments are appreciated!!

The shadowed dunes!

Pass the trail
quite undisturbed
miles and miles
it cover…
a never ending
journey, yet not bushed!
Sands and sandy dunes…
leaping one over the other
short dunes shadowed…
A wide sandy ocean,
heaps of sandy snow
unevenly roofed over
dumpy sandy hills
Gusty wind tosses…
and after sometime
nature cools down,
tumbling absolute quietness
terminates thoroughly
across the vast desert
adhering tranquilly and there….
two footsteps
correspondingly following
each other,
tracing throughout the desert
in a peculiar way
that it forms a pattern
under heavy sun rays
and the man identifies zilch
in his solitary desert trip
Couldn’t  discover an oasis,
untiringly wandering through
the shadowed dunes…


I hope this poem is adorable… Thank you Sadje for the challenge!
Thank you for reading…

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Paint Your Words #1

Hello buddies! Again, I am here with a challenge accepted! #Paintyourwords hosted by Kamya

I have glittered her ‘painting’ with my words, describing aesthetic thoughts from my experience…

-An unique piece decorating art-

Reignite Imagination

A thought is processing in my mind
and yup! I got it! Eureka!
But how hard it is to express…
Well, let me slowly carve it in notebook
And refurbish it with countless colours of joy

“For thousands of miles
I’ll run for my prey
chasing success
until I feel gratified!”

Or shall I give up?
without completing …
A failure isn’t my mission!
More or less,
I’ll have to approve,
for the benefit of mine…
lets not judge
our work, instead
complete it on time!

Imagination of inevitable thoughts
rolling, jumping, and reverberating….
Give it a chance to calm down
and record what is sensed!
Scribble down all what is recognised
Otherwise, lost in query!
Demand giving it a chance
But, it is displaying…..
Data missing!!


Actually, this poem illustrates a situation of anger and panic when I try to express thoughts into actions eventually and thus creating a mess; tangled in imagination and then I start querying myself “where was I?”, trying to recollect words, and if I don’t transcribe my thoughts in notebook then it gets lost into unknown destination and I can never revive back those… My mind is like- Data Missing!! lol…
When I immediately jot down all what is in my mind, essentially, that helps me later while I compose my poem or write-up during free time. I am sure, this is a common case!!! Sometimes, random thoughts leads to incredible inventions….


Don’t let distraction ruin your imagination…

I am college student; so maximum time is allotted for studies! And my brain can’t tolerate high amount of pressure.  Hence, I get little time to update my blogs in WordPress.

I have fabricated a free verse poem with little jerks of rhythms for Kamya’s beautiful painting. And of course, at the very first place, the picture displays ‘a bulb’, that delineates ‘idea!’ or ‘thinking!’ I Hope, my poem could portray what the picture is showing, and hope you’ll like my new style of initiating such write-ups!! Thank you Kamya for the challenge, I wish you are satisfied with my work, ‘an unique piece decorating art’.

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Six Word Story #1

Hello people!!

This my first attempt of Six Word Story in response to ‘The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt‘ by Shweta of ‘My Random Rumblings‘.

The Prompt for Week #54, i.e. for the current week is – Success

Hey Shweta, Thank you for the challenge! And as for me, I am accepting this for the 1st time and also that I am a newbie here, this may not be as interesting as it is ought to be… Though lets see…

1. ‘Success‘ itself is considered as ‘challenge’
2. Defeat failure to achieve sweet success
3. Myriad perspectives, but chase for success!

Thank you for reading….