Writing Prompt #1

Sepia love and Red-hot Hate!

Let not my love hate grief…
Desire to crave hungry soul,
Oh, damn… fed with anger!
Thirst that belongs to king of hell
Love never ceases attention of eternity
Cruel aid exploiting propriety
Disgust of evil angel !!!!
Demanding to possess
malevolent sensuality
to seduce someone till extremes…
Oh Superior, just help me relief
of the pain that cause me sick
which forces to savour every desire
that unexpectedly come my way…
Persuades, swirls and compel me
to tangle in my own words…
Save me from this danger!
A love or a desire that constrains
immeasurable tempting provocativeness
tantalizing insecure mind to take a ride
or enjoy ephemeral excitement for a minute…
An intense love or hatred that indulges me
to entertain in dark mesmerizing emotions
that entices frozen bodies to lit up the fire of anguish
Why, to detest? What is it, A sepia love or red-hot hate?


Even if the World gets Destroyed, or even ends,
Love never does, shall never end…


This poem peruses a life earned by a devil. A devil that transforms into a perfect Human being, leaving existence from hell and came up to Earth as a handsome man so as to experience Love and Lust. He constantly hears people say, it is difficult to leave their loved ones and that almost pierces his heart and compels him to experience ‘what it is to love and hate?’ on Earth! He came on Earth and this poem briefly explains what is the consequence when he loved and got amused by sensuality having heavy and intense intercourse disclosing intimacy and quite naturally he reveals that it is inevitable and he got addicted to it. Later he realises and his desperate thirsty soul senses this to be sinful, he feels guilty! And hence, he claims it to be cruelty, asks superior (God) for help and tries to return back to his original state crying to the loudest pitch (The words he said is expressed in the poem) And then, he was confounded with these expressions- ‘Sepia love and red-hot hate!’ That neutralizes his powers in Earth and brings a contrasting taste in his new- found life!

“A demon from hell, urges to love and his spirits got raised while people provoked his sexual senses to flow, leaving behind everything, which also compelled him to forget about his duties on ‘hell’…”

I want to thank Mona Ma’am for the prompt she had given, and here it is!
It is indeed, my masterpiece!!! Go and check out this
You shall try it once, I felt quite tasty…
Thank you for reading. Happy Sunday!!


Twenty Words Tuesday #1

Hello readers… This is a blessed week for our Indians, specially for North eastern people! Why you know? We are celebrating birthday of our Supreme God, the divine Lord (Shri) Krishna and it is widely known as, Janmastami (Lord Krishna’s Birthday). Hence, wish you happy Janmastami, may Lord Krishna shower all his blessings on you… May all your prayers be answered and all your dreams come true…. Though, in India, Janmastami is officially celebrated on 11th August, but India has diverse cultures and antique stories that led to the creation of new customs which are strongly emphasized, henceforth, different regions follow their own tradition (folks narrate originality). However, we Hindus resolutely follow our religion and believe in spirituality…. May the divine rest upon every single soul, and his blessings meet our expectations….

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna with Radha (Best friend)
Shri Krishna along with Radha, and a mass of Gopis (devotees)

So, focusing on the challenge, first of all, thank you Akanksha….
This week prompt is Kaleidoscope from Twenty Words Tuesday hosted by Bulbul’s Bubble and here’s my take.

Different dimensions, Different views
to form patterns of yellow and blue…
Synthesizing mixtures of
colours and conviction,
yet contemplation hassles….


Thank you for reading…. I hope you enjoyed!!


What Do You See #1

Hello readers…. This is a response to ‘What Do You See’ for Week 46 hosted by Sadje from Keep it alive. Here is the prompt for this week and following are few lines from creativity! Comments are appreciated!!

The shadowed dunes!

Pass the trail
quite undisturbed
miles and miles
it cover…
a never ending
journey, yet not bushed!
Sands and sandy dunes…
leaping one over the other
short dunes shadowed…
A wide sandy ocean,
heaps of sandy snow
unevenly roofed over
dumpy sandy hills
Gusty wind tosses…
and after sometime
nature cools down,
tumbling absolute quietness
terminates thoroughly
across the vast desert
adhering tranquilly and there….
two footsteps
correspondingly following
each other,
tracing throughout the desert
in a peculiar way
that it forms a pattern
under heavy sun rays
and the man identifies zilch
in his solitary desert trip
Couldn’t  discover an oasis,
untiringly wandering through
the shadowed dunes…


I hope this poem is adorable… Thank you Sadje for the challenge!
Thank you for reading…


Honey I need You…

A romantic poem

Credit- Me!!!!!

To  my dear sweetheart,
with lots of love…

I want you near me

So that every moment I can share,

My thoughts and my feelings

Every moment will be special,

Just spare some time from your routine…

I am fantasizing that night,

Where, I shall be close to you…

Sleeping between your arms

And some little cuddles…

I will be waiting for you.

Your presence shall warm up my night!

And a perfect candle light dinner…


A silent night will allow us to be together,

Our words shall meet our lips.

Two cocktail glasses for brandy…

And a contextual music playing…


How about a sentimental ballad?

A slow couple dance…

Music on, “perfect”

In a romantic mood ,

Your hands against my waist

Holding me tight!


Sounds amazing…

Wish, that nightfall is coming soon

Awaiting, dreaming to meet you, darling

And, I am sorry if I have hurt you someday…

Trust me,

My love will never die even if you leave me

My passionate heart needs you honey…

An idle hope of love and desires desperately waiting for you, honey…..

This poem is a special one from my favourites! I have delivered this poem to the Poetry Fest, you can find it here.  Simple yet delicately woven using sugary, quixotic words (not exactly quixotic!), screening a girl/woman/lady intensely trying to hold her beloved one by her seducing lyrics, embracing her faith yet exasperated in need of a soul-mate… Basic thought is, ‘dreaming to get a partner’ so as to taste romance in life! “An idle hope of love and desires waiting desperately…” Captioning the picture, I have pasted a romantic photo from my favorite collection and a few, to make my poem more special!
I hope this poem could draw a real picture, rendering what I meant to express my thoughts…. Do visit the poetry contest site!!
Love you all….💕



Paint Your Words #1

Hello buddies! Again, I am here with a challenge accepted! #Paintyourwords hosted by Kamya

I have glittered her ‘painting’ with my words, describing aesthetic thoughts from my experience…

-An unique piece decorating art-

Reignite Imagination

A thought is processing in my mind
and yup! I got it! Eureka!
But how hard it is to express…
Well, let me slowly carve it in notebook
And refurbish it with countless colours of joy

“For thousands of miles
I’ll run for my prey
chasing success
until I feel gratified!”

Or shall I give up?
without completing …
A failure isn’t my mission!
More or less,
I’ll have to approve,
for the benefit of mine…
lets not judge
our work, instead
complete it on time!

Imagination of inevitable thoughts
rolling, jumping, and reverberating….
Give it a chance to calm down
and record what is sensed!
Scribble down all what is recognised
Otherwise, lost in query!
Demand giving it a chance
But, it is displaying…..
Data missing!!


Actually, this poem illustrates a situation of anger and panic when I try to express thoughts into actions eventually and thus creating a mess; tangled in imagination and then I start querying myself “where was I?”, trying to recollect words, and if I don’t transcribe my thoughts in notebook then it gets lost into unknown destination and I can never revive back those… My mind is like- Data Missing!! lol…
When I immediately jot down all what is in my mind, essentially, that helps me later while I compose my poem or write-up during free time. I am sure, this is a common case!!! Sometimes, random thoughts leads to incredible inventions….


Don’t let distraction ruin your imagination…

I am college student; so maximum time is allotted for studies! And my brain can’t tolerate high amount of pressure.  Hence, I get little time to update my blogs in WordPress.

I have fabricated a free verse poem with little jerks of rhythms for Kamya’s beautiful painting. And of course, at the very first place, the picture displays ‘a bulb’, that delineates ‘idea!’ or ‘thinking!’ I Hope, my poem could portray what the picture is showing, and hope you’ll like my new style of initiating such write-ups!! Thank you Kamya for the challenge, I wish you are satisfied with my work, ‘an unique piece decorating art’.


Six Word Story #1

Hello people!!

This my first attempt of Six Word Story in response to ‘The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt‘ by Shweta of ‘My Random Rumblings‘.

The Prompt for Week #54, i.e. for the current week is – Success

Hey Shweta, Thank you for the challenge! And as for me, I am accepting this for the 1st time and also that I am a newbie here, this may not be as interesting as it is ought to be… Though lets see…

1. ‘Success‘ itself is considered as ‘challenge’
2. Defeat failure to achieve sweet success
3. Myriad perspectives, but chase for success!

Thank you for reading….



Anger smoked

Pacified anger still exist, partially vaporized
Blurry vision entangled fear
Thwarting immense passion to limit


Ornate her with Ornaments

Ornaments are,
A significant part of life
which mostly deals with the women folk
A special ingredient for a happy soul!
An indispensable fragment of beauty and ecstasy…
it thus makes a lady,
contentedly comprehensive!
A blonde or a brunette, it is utilized by both…
every single portion define a worthy assessment.
Ornaments fabricate a woman
 in countless exquisite designs,
from exceptionally embellishing
 the simplicity of her appearance,
until transpiring into tempting intricate charm!
exposing the unique qualities of her charisma…   
Elaborating her fussy style….
Gorgeous attire, lavish cosmetics…
with Bright Red lipstick,
which makes her smile,
almost immensely expensive
Dazzling eye-makeup
glitters velvety eyelashes,
 sparkles on her desperate eyes
as if she desires to be paired all the night
Magnificent looks via enigmatic expressions,
 a delicate charm from her appealing face…
A lady with undeniably alluring appearance
is indeed tempting for every gentleman;
He makes her act seductively lost with her consort
overly attractive, mild aroma emanating from her body
creates an irresistible impulse
And resonances from her jewellery,
makes it impossible to resist his intense compulsion
of touching her and triumphing his desires!
Enthralling attractiveness,
 persuades every single woman…
Prompts to a dress in a perfect outfit
whether a traditional or modern
jwelleries are garnishing elements

featuring a perfect lady
and brings dynamism to work independently
therefore, ornate her with ornaments
and value her new intricacy…


‘Learn to compromise’

Well, this topic has a broader explanation and perhaps I have explained ¼ of it. Though give it a read. I have shared a brief account of the happenings from my life, an analytical description. And I believe, almost all human beings have to compromise in one or the other way, have to compromise once in life. And without compromising once, they must had to or have to embrace failure. And this is what I wrote is partially from my experiences after failure or lack of compromising attitude and hence in several ways I had to confront my failures in various ways. So I tried to express my feelings towards this phrase, Learn to compromise. Hope this article help…

Learning to compromise isn’t difficult if we develop ‘patience’ and successively ‘peace’ will dominate our mind and can control any challenging situation. When we learn to compromise, life becomes easy… Similar to one emotional saying, “It is better to put a fake smile, rather than explaining the reason why you were crying”. But that doesn’t mean, we should hold on our sorrows tightly within our self, crying to the deepest… Share your feelings, which will make you feel relief, you could barely tie some of them, remaining sensations will spontaneously flow, and roll down along with your tears. You can’t stop! And I say, no need to compromise holding your feelings inside you.

At first, ‘Learn to compromise’ includes; admitting your mistakes! The most important and commonly understood definition of the above phrase. And several times it has been proved that this definition is correct. Understanding a minute misunderstanding is visibly acceptable and refurbishing relations makes quite prodigious adjustment and it is highly appreciable. That proves that the person or the relation is more important than his or her ‘ego’! And this is highly useful in relationships, nowadays. The second point goes, understanding people’s mind when they try to convey any kind messages. This can be done precociously; by keenly taking a note of their words or actions, should catch out by observing their instincts. Try it in a meek way… Third way to acquire this, is to clear your negativity and bring positive vibes into your life which will surely make you feel remarkably better and successful also during your hard times. Negative thinking is unhealthy and it cause mental pressure, damaging your brain cells affecting in numerous ways (depends upon person-to-person, different needs for different people). Take deep breaths, smile when you are angry and start doing something you love to do(my advice is to better sleep, or forcefully try to sleep, use headphones for playing your favourite music, it will start dominating your anger and is quite beneficial as a healing therapy ), it keeps ‘positivity’ flowing through your veins and thus controls anger. It helps, and also improves your emotional level to affect strongly while dealing with mental stability. Hence, it builds up fresh energy or you can ‘dynamism’ to resume your daily activities. Try to minimize conflicts with people around you (includes each person you meet in a day). Fourthly, avoid Prejudice Judgements (also, by another name is preconception or assumptions!) while in matters related with friends, family and in terms of relationship too. Stabilise conflicts through understanding in a calm environment. If the other person doesn’t listen, or lose patience then the speaker should stay quiet. And let the other person realize, your silence! Or give them some time and space but don’t disturb them until they recover into normal state. The fifth, the last but not the least, it is not necessary that ‘sacrifice’ has to be equal to ‘compromise’. But at times, these two words combine and emerge to form a concrete concept known as ‘selfless struggle’. In a simple definition, ‘Learn to compromise’, means to give up something one wants, in order to reach an agreement (Google it in case you are not sure). Settling a dispute by mutual concession. A responsibility requited in a suitable manner, by understanding or by accepting all the jazz.

We just need to learn when to keep quiet and when to speak. Say ‘sorry’ when needed (realizing our mistake at first) and we shall learn to adjust with difficult situation, whatever life provides. Understand situations and try to discuss in a calm way, instead of complaining about each other, in terms of relationship but also include family discussion or conversation with any people. These are some of the possible ways we can learn to compromise.




When the mist occured,
The snow departured…
Morning became night,
Nothing came in that sight.
Cloudbursts began to be high,
In that cold stormy night…

Sun appeared in the early morning…
Though the cold can’t be resisted
Outside lay the dew drops,
on tiny petals and sepals
are glistened by the sunshine
These are enjoyed in the wintry days,
the joy behind this, is the sun always!