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“Writing is said to be a lonely business, but I find myself dancing in my words…”

– Navaparna

Dear readers,

Hello people!! This is me, Navaparna,a teen writer and a newbie here! As a beginner, I am trying to build a quite presentable website, adding latest theme, exploring fascinating features, customizing to the latest view as possible and portraying a memorable setup, following the necessary requirement and providing clear and satisfactory presentation, which may create a new sense of enthusiasm among readers, captivating their attention! Trying to emphasis on what I can perform offering the best impression and expect to gain a few more learning experiences here… I have shared my blogs, most of them poems and a few articles as well as challenges!! Go find out now!!
Hereby i present you my website, Hope this is acceptable…

Thank you

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GoodBye 2020 Welcome 2021!

As the year is about to end and the arrival of a fresh start… It is quite wonderful to think how this crazy year is going to get over and we humans of 21st century are surviving in the toughest way possible! And we are starting a new year, with lots of hopes and possibilities […]


Six Word Story #2

Hello!! Today am here with a challenge! I hope you like it… This is my attempt on Six Word Story in response to ‘The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt‘  hosted by Shweta from  ‘My Random Rumblings‘. The Prompt for Week #62 is Dinner Here’s my take… 1. ‘Dinner‘ with loved ones are special!2. Family ‘dinner‘ at home […]


I feel so honoured plus happy to inform you that I have been nominated by my fellow blogger for THE BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD. First of all, Thank you Asra for nominating me! She possess the key of knowledge, hence I got a fantastic chance to meet this wonderful girl here…. Do check out her account- […]

TWT Week-6

Twenty Words Tuesday #2

Hello friends!!! I am back after a long time! Hope to become a regular blogger but couldn’t reach in time due to heavy work and busy schedule! This is a post in response to a weekly prompt writing challenge. Here’s my take of this week’s prompt, hosted by Akanksha from Bulbul’s Bubble! This week prompt […]

Movie Review- Enola Homes (2020)

Hello people!! Alright, am extremely sorry… From the past few days I wasn’t active here in WordPress, it wasn’t a break actually, My family was tested Covid positive and I had to lend some time for them until they recover fully. Now, they are improving their health and I am able to return back… So […]

Writing Prompt #73

Writing Prompt #1

Sepia love and Red-hot Hate! Let not my love hate grief…Desire to crave hungry soul,Oh, damn… fed with anger!Thirst that belongs to king of hellLove never ceases attention of eternity Cruel aid exploiting proprietyDisgust of evil angel !!!!Demanding to possess malevolent sensuality to seduce someone till extremes…Oh Superior, just help me relief of the pain […]

TWT Week-6

Twenty Words Tuesday #1

Hello readers… This is a blessed week for our Indians, specially for North eastern people! Why you know? We are celebrating birthday of our Supreme God, the divine Lord (Shri) Krishna and it is widely known as, Janmastami (Lord Krishna’s Birthday). Hence, wish you happy Janmastami, may Lord Krishna shower all his blessings on you… […]

Image credit: Dan Grinwis- Unsplash

What Do You See #1

Hello readers…. This is a response to ‘What Do You See’ for Week 46 hosted by Sadje from Keep it alive. Here is the prompt for this week and following are few lines from creativity! Comments are appreciated!! The shadowed dunes! Pass the trailquite undisturbedmiles and milesit cover…a never endingjourney, yet not bushed!Sands and sandy […]

Photo by Dimitri Kuliuk from Pexels

Honey I need You…

–A romantic poem– To  my dear sweetheart,with lots of love… I want you near me So that every moment I can share, My thoughts and my feelings Every moment will be special, Just spare some time from your routine… I am fantasizing that night, Where, I shall be close to you… Sleeping between your arms […]

-An unique piece decorating art-

Paint Your Words #1

Hello buddies! Again, I am here with a challenge accepted! #Paintyourwords hosted by Kamya I have glittered her ‘painting’ with my words, describing aesthetic thoughts from my experience… -An unique piece decorating art- Reignite Imagination Idea!Wait…A thought is processing in my mindand yup! I got it! Eureka!But how hard it is to express…Well, let me […]


Six Word Story #1

Hello people!! This my first attempt of Six Word Story in response to ‘The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt‘ by Shweta of ‘My Random Rumblings‘. The Prompt for Week #54, i.e. for the current week is – Success Hey Shweta, Thank you for the challenge! And as for me, I am accepting this for the 1st time and also […]

Ornate her with Ornaments

Ornaments are,A significant part of lifewhich mostly deals with the women folkA special ingredient for a happy soul!An indispensable fragment of beauty and ecstasy…it thus makes a lady,contentedly comprehensive!A blonde or a brunette, it is utilized by both…every single portion define a worthy assessment.Ornaments fabricate a woman in countless exquisite designs,from exceptionally embellishing the simplicity of her […]

‘Learn to compromise’

Well, this topic has a broader explanation and perhaps I have explained ¼ of it. Though give it a read. I have shared a brief account of the happenings from my life, an analytical description. And I believe, almost all human beings have to compromise in one or the other way, have to compromise once […]

Everything is possible

Keep letting her grow… Unless she understands, The definition or significance. She needs time for perceiving the perception! Nevertheless she’s gonna succeed! Conquering all over spoiling earth She will accomplish… Her truth is the benefit, Don’t teach her to lie. She will realize When she will know how to admire… The wisdom of life, Will […]

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Hey …whats up dude……
Kene kbr…..btw….. tumr blog loi invite kora baaabbe thanks…..
Post your love quotes…..i will be glad to read them…..😁

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I m really blessed to have you in my life…
Keep writing poems nd keep sharing it with others… Everyone’s blessings r with u… Don’t think about the past… Think about the present and what you are going to do next…You will definitely be successful in life…God bless you dear…

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Thank you Gun…. I love u tooooo…. Thank u for ur blessings and appreciation…. You too are very best frnd of mine and i m lucky to have u in my life…. I am so glad, u visited my site!


I feel the presence of God and his divine power rests on this Earth, for each human who deserves to honour his blessings… And we must follow his directions and trust him…
– According to me😊😊
Yes, your’re right!!! 💜


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