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“Parallel Universe”

I want to be armoured
around those cozy arms.
To feel the warmth and
a chance to be in love
again. Touch and feel,
desire to belong
someone’s someone,
feeling is back again.
Long time, hues of
numbness heard
lots of sorrows lamenting.
Guard the pillars of
my weakness and shield
them with thy strength.
A fraction of fiction
gives birth to ample
of hope. It seems
I can’t cope. Defy me
with faithless insight of
love and I won’t die again,
not at least in parallel universe.

~an impromptu poem for #NaPoWriMo day 23

Prompt Day 23: Today I’d like to challenge you to write a poem in the style of Kay Ryan, whose poems tend to be short and snappy – with a lot of rhyme and soundplay. They also have a deceptive simplicity about them, like proverbs or aphorisms. Once you’ve read a few, you’ll see what I mean. Here’s her “Token Loss,” “Blue China Doorknob,” “Houdini,” and “Crustacean Island.”

Love Parallel Universe things. Unreal, hunger of hope fulfilment, achievement for longing dreams and wishes, uncovering unjust opinions or actions, where unrealistic expectations come true, discovering new paths to enhance better and deserving life, occurrence of fortuitous things undefined by time and actions, just everything happening just the way we wish no matter how much wrong or unlawful it seems. So according to what one thinks can happen easily? The hypothetical self-contained plane of existence is living in our unconscious mind perhaps and if we ever find the existence of multiverse, then all are answers would be accessible retrieving a way to our unconscious mind. Well that’s just what I think. lol! Nevermind. Hope you enjoyed today’s prompt based poem! Love you all… Feel free to comment down there…


Hii! I am very passionate about learning, writing, crafting, gardening and in photography. As a senior higher secondary school student I hardly get time to involve myself in hobbies and doing little things which makes me feel motivated and happy, although I do make some fun time from the busy schedule, enjoying, exploring and expressing within my personal space. And I'm very fond of aesthetic stuffs, may it be arranging the pinterest boards or my camera clicks... anything where beauty flows naturally spreading joy with a tint of delicacy, mystery, art and knowledge. Hunger for knowledge always had me pondering over infinite 'hows' and 'whys'... Much love for my readers<333

2 thoughts on ““Parallel Universe”

  1. “Cozy arms” bring much comfort to both the hugged, if is wanted and permitted, and to the hugger. I’m thinking now of our youngest grandaughter. She
    pre-teen, is off and on with hugs and that’s fine with me.
    My favorite lines are, “A fraction of fiction
    gives birth to ample of hope.” Very true!!
    This was soulful, a delicious read. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Arms always welcome each other, they are meant for it! Its good that your daughter hugs you, even though it depends upon mood sometimes but it is a sign of love and compassion one has for one another (I am very stubborn sorta actually so, lol)! Oh those are my favorite lines too!! Yay! Thank you so much for complimenting. I’m honored indeed.💕✨💫


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